Accredited by CACEI (Council for the Accreditation of the Teaching of Engineering, A.C.),


He is a professional with skills and abilities in the generation and collection of topographic information to locate, trace and control civil works, he is also trained to plan and manage them, which allows him to evaluate and propose solutions in the field of execution of infrastructure work.


The Engineering in Topography and Construction program prepares students so that after 5 years after graduation, they can:

Work as a Topography and Construction Engineer budgeting, building. Supervising and / or maintaining infrastructure works.
Generate georeferenced information on the land surface for the establishment of new infrastructure or already existing infrastructure.
Carry out postgraduate studies in branches of Engineering, teaching or administration.
Manage companies related to Topography Engineering and Construction.


1. Apply specific knowledge of basic sciences and engineering to problems related to Topography and Construction Engineering, in order to establish suitable solution methodologies.

2. Observe, analyze, formulate and solve engineering problems in surveying and construction, applying engineering methods, techniques and strategies.

3. Collect information and carry out the treatment process of the same, applying the analysis to interpret and present the information, using various technological processes.

4. Effectively communicate their ideas in the tasks of their profession, using the appropriate terminology and the use of information technology.

5. Recognize the dilemmas and dilemmas inherent to its insertion in the social and productive world through criteria, norms and ethical and values ​​principles so that it understands the impact of the solutions in the field of said Engineering, within a global context, economic, environmental and social.

6. Continuously update your knowledge and improve your engineering skills adapting to the changing requirements of your field.

7. Organize, direct and work in multidisciplinary teams in the definition, formulation and execution of projects of Topography and Construction Engineering.


In private companies and official organizations dedicated to the planning, execution, supervision and administration of engineering works in the sectors: construction, agriculture, livestock, forestry, mining, fishing, industrial, communications, human settlements, land tenure, electrical, oil, hydraulic, cement and mechanical metal, among others.
With an entrepreneurial attitude and without the need for a strong initial investment, he can practice this profession independently, due to the great demand for services, a product of the accelerated national growth.
One of the careers that does not have unemployment, due to the diversity of activities to be developed.


Complete Baccalaureate in Physical Sciences - Mathematics, Technological Baccalaureate, General or Unique Baccalaureate.
Pass the Admission Exam that consists of four evaluations: health, knowledge, psychometric and EXANI II.


Good physical and mental health, and easy adaptation to diverse environmental conditions.
Good interpersonal relationships, to be part of work teams.
Mathematical reasoning and ability to calculate.
Manual dexterity and careful attention to the use of precision instruments and good visual memory to identify terrain features.


Professional specialized in construction and administration of works with the ability to apply and develop topographic methodologies and management of new technologies, in the various areas of infrastructure works, urbanization, land use planning, hydraulic works, mining, industrial development , the boundaries and the expertise.